What is Frangio?

Frangio is a startup company building a new solution to make becoming an entrepreneur simpler and easily achievable. Frangio connects businesses, who are willing to sell their business ideas with people who are looking for financial independence. Businesses give exact instructions and provide web and payment platforms to the people, and makes it possible for them to start running a business. People will run their business under the known brand name and that’s why we call this a virtual franchise. Frangio gives everyone a chance of starting a business online.

What do Frangio platform offer?

Frangio platform offer businesses to expand, and people an opportunity to become business owners. Frangio model has cut down all the traditional costs of starting a business and makes it affordable for everybody. Frangio platform also offers guides and webinars on how to successfully start a business, how to run it and how to turn it profitable. Whether you have your own business ideas, or not, Frangio is a useful tool to make everything possible.

What is virtual franchise?

That’s what we like to call online business opportunities. The business model is similar to real franchises – you will get instructions and guidelines on how to run the business, under a known brand. There are also franchise fees included. It’s virtual because businesses will be done online. You don’t need to rent any commercial property or hire special workers, everything can be done online, virtually.

Do I have to register a company?

This is up to you and virtual franchise provider, how you will arrange the legal side. In most cases, you don’t have to register a company to run an online business. You can operate under franchise provider company.

Do I need to have any previous business skills?

No, because you will get full guides and instructions on how to run a business. We will teach you the required skills. This makes it possible for almost everyone, who are willing to learn new skills and leave their comfort zones.

Do you provide online store and website for my business?

Yes, if you become a virtual franchisor, we will build you all the web platforms you need, starting from a website, until complete web stores with payment solutions.

What's the difference between PERSONAL, PREMIUM and BUSINESS member plans?

Depending on your goals and what do you want to get out of Frangio platforms, we offer different member plan opportunities.

How do I find virtual franchise which I like?

Use Frangio portal to search for franchise providers, or make yourself visible and wait until franchises contact you.