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Virtual Franchise

Traditional franchise business redefined.

Starting your own business has been made easier than ever before. You will get full guides and detailed instructions on how to start and how to run your franchise business. Known brands & proven business models make sure your business start will be successful. Forget the myth of the expensiveness of starting a business – starting a virtual franchise is affordable for everyone.


Frangio Provides

Everything You Need

Direct contact with franchiser.

A-Z guide to start and run business.

Web platforms and payment systems.

Communities to connect other franchisees.

Complete Solution

From Start To Profit

Every step of starting your business to start earning profits is backed up by Frangio. See how it works.

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It is time to achieve your dreams and quit working for others. Sign up today to open the world of next-generation franchise businesses. Our membership plans will fit perfectly to your needs.
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  • $9.99/mo
    • See & contact franchisers
    • Access to guides & instructions
    • Connect with communities
    • Earn points & rewards
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  • Premium

  • $19.99/mo
    • See & contact franchisers
    • Access to guides & instructions
    • Connect with communities
    • Earn points & rewards
    • Personal Support
    • Marketer & Affiliate Program

  • Business

  • $99.99/mo
    • See & contact franchisees
    • Access to guides & instructions
    • Connect with communities
    • Earn points & rewards
    • Business dedicated support
    • Legal support

Clients About Us

Starting your own franchise business can change your life, and our users agree with us.

Franchise Business

In Your Way

First franchise in the world where you are free to personalize your business in the way you’d like.

Follow the simple guides to start your business, get personal support to run it successfully. You are not obliques to follow strictly every rule and step, you can give your franchise business a personal touch to make it truly unique and customized to your local area.


Virtual Franchise Benefits

Virtual franchise business solves traditional businesses problems and gives everybody an opportunity to start their own business.

Easy to start

Becoming a business owner has been made as easy as possible. Everything from platforms to marketing strategies will be provided to you by franchiser.

Proven models

All franchisers have proven their business models work, and can make profits. With proven model, you can launch your business with confidence.

Complete guides

From A to Z, every step from starting til generating profits has been described precisely to you, to make it easy to start and run business for everybody.

Known brands

Starting a business under a known brand can save you from a lot of trouble. The hardest part starting and building a brand has been already made for you.


Toughest parts will be managed for you. Building web platforms and taking care of payments, saves you and franchiser from a lot of trouble and is convenient.

Minimized costs

Save up to 80% compared to traditional franchise businesses in starting and running costs. Starting and running has been made affordable for everyone.

Famous Brands

Waiting You

Known brands and proven business models are waiting to expand with you. Become a franchisee for your favorite brands. Even brands from the other side of the world are reachable for you.